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4539 N 22nd St #207 PHOENIX AZ85016

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Some ideas were received by the talented musical angel (see music):

Quarantine Virtual Cooking Class ------ Perfect Pantry Pasta

Zoom Stream FREE

Thursday, Apr 9, 2020 / 6:00pm EDT Go to

Things for parents of toddlers to do:

*Construct forts/slides inside the house (i.e. blankets on tables, mattress or cardboard boxes on the stairs)

*Paint: Use kid safe paint for finger painting, painting rocks, or making prints with different silverware or cups

*Make a collage using bits of paper, pom pom balls, or cutouts; Pasta is also great for collages

*Cook together (Baking mixes help make it a bit more manageable for tiny helpers)

*Bubble baths

*Washing the car

Making a sandbox with a small kiddie pool filled with sand

*Learn about mixing colors with food coloring in water



*Music and singing songs

*Stroller rides and stroller runs

*Go to an isolated place outdoors so your child can run around and get some fresh air (i.e. something like an empty soccer field)

Best restaurants in Phoenix*Ride bicycles and tricycles close to the house or in an isolated place outdoors

*Make a cake and call up someone who needs cheer and sing "happy birthday" to them over and over again

*Make art "presents" to send to other people

*Face-time family and friends

*Hide and seek

*Gentle play wrestling

*Using letter cookie cutters to cut cookies out of cookie dough (Can buy

pre-made so it is easier.) This is a great way to learn the alphabet!

*Use the quarantine as an opportunity to truly connect with your child. Put your phone away for a set amount of time and only pay attention to your child.

*Sing songs

*Play ball outside

*Have a picnic outside

*Make popcicles

*Make sensory bins

*Make jello shapes with cookie cutters

*Draw together

*Make a photo album together and send to family members (Toddlers love to look at themselves!)

*Construct an obstacle course inside the house

*Tap into what your toddler finds JOYFUL and do more of that.

*Sidewalk chalk outside